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Android applications are fascinating. Made these two sketches using an android application. Both the sketches are done within one minute . Will upload more in future.





Writer charu nivedita


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Glimpses of Rally 2010

Event: world disability day rally 2010

organised by vidhya sagar

covered the event on behalf of vidhya sagar. i was the official photographer for the year 2007 and 2008. last year i missed so this year i made it without fail.

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Dear all,

i’ve started a new blog for my photography in that i will upload one photograph everyday. just to keep my works updated i wanted to start a separate blog. kindly visit it when you find time.


Prabhu Ramakrishnan

hi my flickr account have reached 5000 hits thanks for your lavish support and unlimited encouragement.

special thanks to my friend kamal for giving his credit card to buy flickr account. when i asked him he just gave me his credit card and pin number without asking any questions it shows his friendship and trust i will never forget it.


Prabhu Ramakrihnan

post modern photographer

sometimes we make photographs without any particular reasons. this one falls into that category. i made this photograph of this light house without any reason i simply composed and clicked. may be i must have had a fascination towards light houses because i know its importance. even after the rapid advancement in technology the sailors still rely on the light houses to know the shore.

i never shown interest in participating in photography competitions
but something pushed me to give entry in this competition called “spandan”  held at Loyola college
as a cultural event with loads of competitions.. finally i won the first prize.
i dont believe in competitions all i want is peoples appreciation and encouragement.
Prabhu Ramakrishnan