HE: Yes, I waited so long for this

SHE: Do U want me to leave?

HE: No don’t even think of it

SHE: Did U love me?

HE: Yes I did, I’m doing & I’ll do

SHE: Did U ever cheat me?

HE: I’ll die than doing it

SHE: Will U kiss me?

HE: Surely, that’s my Pleasure

SHE: Will U hurt me?

HE: No way, I’m not such a kind of person

SHE: Can I trust U?

HE: Yes

SHE:Oh Dear

To Know
>>read it from bottom to top�

Recently i got this message which i found very creative thought of sharing it here.

good to see SMS became a medium to display peoples creativity. if someone writes a poem he or she can immediately message it to their friends and get their opinion.


Prabhu Ramakrishnan