on January 31st 2010 myself and my friends Dr.murugavel and Dr.Anbu went to an orientation visit organized by http://www.letsrob.org at besant nagar beach. it was extremely interesting and enormously shocking experience for me. you may think that the word “shocking” is a bit too much but i was looking for a more strong word to describe the violations taking place in besant nagar beach. the pissing walls, the garbage, the governors bungalow, the broken bridge, adyar estuary and last but not least the theosophical society. Nity, arun and murugavel educated us about these places and its importance and how they are being “raped” slowly ..oops sorry ‘Rapidly’ by different kinds of pollutions and violations.personally it was very interesting for me because often i visit besant nagar beach and now only i knew about the governors bungalow and first time i am seeing the broken bridge [actually its a shame:)]. i  think its diffcult for me to put everything in words here. i have captured their speeches as much as i can in my small digi cam and uploaded in youtube. kindly check that out. i sincerely thank Lets Reclaim our beaches group for organizing such events their work in environmental issues are highly appreciable. kudos to them!!!


Prabhu Ramakrishnan

1.09 am, 7th feb