Death is definitely a worst thing to happen in a persons life but no one can stop that everybody have to die one day. and a news about a death must be a worst one to hear that too about our friends death. recently my senior cum friend Bala sir died in government general hospital.  it gave me shock because fews weeks back only i spoke with him regarding his website renewal i can still recollect the final conversation we had over phone.

one year back he came to me for designing logo and other stuffs for his clinic he was very energetic and focused. we worked together i created a logo for the  brand called “punarudtharan” its a combination of physio clinic gym and yoga. everything went on well he invited me for his new establishments launch myself and my friend rajesh nandan attended the function i photographed the whole event. last year he met with a major accident and he had severe head injury he was hospitalized for long and had many surgeries in head and after that he became normal when i spoke with him few weeks back he spoke well only and it was a shock to hear that he died.

Bala sir was very intelligent student in college and an excellent artist i still remember his works which he did in college competitions and culturals apart from getting a master degree in physiotheraphy he was a qualified yoga therapist too. his expertise in tamil literature earned him 50000 rupees scholorship from management. i want to share an interesting embarasing and unforgetable moment i had with sir in the year 2001 he was the incharge for culturals for his batch when they conducted culturals when they asked someone to perform traditional dance “karakaattam” i raised my hands and told them that i wil do it. the fact is i know nothing about karakaattam. he used to search me daily in my class but i used to escape from him hiding in the back bench and escaping to canteen few days went like this and one fine day i got caught and got nicely from him:)  after that i gave a demo infront of staff one is sudha mam and i forgot the name of other staff she used to be fair and beautifull they saw my performance and dropped the idea of having a karakaattam. after few years when i sent new year wishes to bala sirhe called me back and enquired about me he wasnt having my number i told him that im prabhu of 2000 batch he laughed and said “dai karakaattam nee thaana”.

Bala sir’s death is really a huge loss for everyone. he was very talented and intelligent person he was the only son for their parents he was living with his mom. i cant imagine how she took this sudden demise of her son. recently i came to know that he died because of leptospirosis. they have thought that it is ordinary viral fever and dint take proper tests itseems. this is a lesson for all we should not ignore any problems related to our health. in memory of him i dedicate this post for him. i will update this post whenver i find time.

May his soul rest in peace……….

From Beloved Junior,

Prabhu Ramakrishnan