Recently one girl from my  native died in government general hospital due to tuberculosis. she must be around 20 years old.i enquired my relatives about that girl. the infos they gave was spine-chilling. itseems that the girl worked in thiruppur for two years when she came to home she was affected by tuberculosis. in my native it became very usual that the young girls are being employed in thiruppur in contract basis. the are paying 50 to 60 thousands for two years they will be allowed to go to their home once in 6 months i heared that they are taking minor girls too. the parents are being brain washed by brokers. the disquieting thing is GIRLS WHO STAY AND WORK THERE ARE AFFECTED BY TUBERCULOSIS. the doctors in thirupattur[ my native] saying that the girls who returning after the contract are being affected by tuberculosis. these brokers still targetting the poor people and packing them to thirupur for hazardous jobs for minimum salaries. dont know when this will stop. the media have to pay attention to this issue. definitely we need to do something about this issue.