few days back i saw this photograph in a website called www.supporttamils.com . dont know why in the next few seconds my eyes was filled with tears. may be i would have cried because im an emotional guy but why im not getting the same immediate reaction when i see the photographs of people who is suffering worse than this. why i cried ? – did i cry because they too speak the same language which i speak? or their skin colour is same as mine? i really dont know.

oh god i cant imagine about their sufferings and problems. how they would have felt when the photographer made this photograph. is the people in the photographs are alive? why this fight which makes the people to live only in a photograph. i really feel sick when i see or hear these kinda issues where the people are being treated worse than animals .im slowly developing an aversion towards this society. Mr.sujith paniker who taught me photography used to say that a photograph must speak 1000 words. this photographs speaks million words.


Prabhu Ramakrishnan