I became an insomniac on that particular night i couldn’t sleep properly i was excited my mind was filled with a cluster of thoughts about the most fearful reptile. will i see it tomorrow ? will they allow me to touch it? what if it bites me or anyone else? how much big will it be? i was speaking to myself like a schizophrenic. i dint even sleep for two hours that night. pramod gave a wake up call at 3 am. i was ready at 3.30 am for the most awaited snake walk. took my kit and went to pramods place in my car from there we went to johns place picked him up and started our journey to Croc bank.


It was a pleasant drive with very less traffic. we discussed few interesting matters on the drive. we three spent about an hour in the beach photographing crabs and sea. around 6 we join with rest of the group. we took Mr.vedan and Mr.kumar who are professional snake catchers and headed to the mahabalipuram. we followed them while they started to track snakes shankar was very enthusiastic he was with them accompanying them while they tracking. Mr.Sujan who was a former education officer in croc bank and a friend of pramod came and did a enlightening factual and edifying talk about snakes. he demonstrated and taught us how to handle snakes and the type of snakes .difference between venomous and non venomous snakes. about the steps to be taken after being bitten by snake. how to tie a creep bandage. it was totally a mind blowing session done by him which i never expected that i will get.




we got totally 5 snakes on the wild. 2 rat snakes, buff striped keel back, wine snake [little venomous not fatal] and The saw scaled viper[venomous]. the whole snake walk was a breathtaking experience i never believed that i will be able to handle snakes. now im confident that i can handle non venomous snakes without any fear.

the group was very friendly i never felt that im with new group of friends. kannan, arun, vinoth, dheeraj, promod, john, samyak, shankar.,etc all where very friendly. after finishing the snake walk we had lunch at mamallapuram and spent some time in croc bank. i was very sleepy and some how managed to drive home with john and pramod.

i thank CTC and pramod for organizing this wonderful trip

click this to view few of the photographs which i took during the walk