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i am not an animal lover and i dont like pets. my cousin sarathy is not like me he is a member of PFA he doesnt take non veg. few weeks back he proposed a plan to visit some animal shelter and help them in possible ways. i said that i will accompany him.
on 16 november 2008 we went there few of bindhu’s friends too came there. that animal shelter is run by mrs.padmavathy and her husband in their house. i saw beautiful pup’s and kittens there. few squirrels too as usual i started photographing them pramod facilitated the shoot.
few days after that those photographs where published in ergo daily within few hours all the pups where adopted:) i felt very happy. it was the most successful shoot i have ever done. those photographs was published in Indian express too.

thanks to sarathy and pramod for this opportunity.

chck out the photo here