After freelancing for two years i felt i should do the further work with proper setup. having an office of my own was my long time dream i always wanted to be an entrepreneur thats why i dint work as an employee . once i said no to my own brother who asked me to work in his agency for a good salary. doing our own business has its own advantages and disadvantages. the first advantage is we dont have a boss we dont need to give leave letters or ask permission from others to do our personal works. second is the thrill… we wont know what will happen tomorrow suddenly we may become a big shot in our business or we may face a heavy loss.  we will be able to spend time with our family we wont miss our family functions, kids birthday etc., the sign of a good business man is his business should run even on his absense. the disadvantages are the risk in my case i dont know how much i will earn next month i may get a shit load of money if i get some good project and potential clients or i may earn nothing. but this risk is not there for an employee he will get his salary regularly according to that he will set his lifestyle. as i said before both got its own advantages and disadvantages.

after a long search for a space with the help of my friend thamizh i got a small 100 square feet office space in a considerably decent area at west mambalam. all my friends said that the space is small but i thought its enough for me i can always get another big space for a heavy rent as the business grows. the rent is highly affordable for my present office i can pay it without any difficulties even if the business is dull. i know people who packed up their office after few months of running just because they cant afford to pay the rent. this is not an healthy way to start a business. any business should be started in a small scale for our safety then we can update evrything as we grow. now i gotta office for myself i go regularly there meet my clients and my friends visits often i used to read books when i have no work. its a small office but its my dream office 🙂


Prabhu Ramakrishnan:)