i started this blog few days back with great enthusiasm. i was very eager to write. at that time i used to think about different topics for writing. i used to ask myself why cant we write this why cant we write that. always i had a bunch of clear topics in my mind to be written. but i wrote nothing, again i used to ask myself why im not writing anything after opening the blog with an intoduction like a big shit? the answer comes “you are a lazy fellow”. ya thats a correct answer im a lazy fellow im a professional procastinator. but im learning to be committed and sincere the result of that learning is this article , no not an article its a kinda rubbish random writing. if i know to type in tamil definitely my writings will be in tamil only because  i feel very comfortable with tamil since it is my mother tongue and i can express well in that language i love tamil. i have planned to write in paper and give to some one who knows Tamil typing so that i can post it here. since its a little tedious work my tamil articles will be less only.

next week im opening a new office for me. its in west mambalam near bank of India [west mambalam branch] im a kinda busy with that work. i have planned to do advertising, production and post production their. i will also do some table top photography their. i guess after opening office i will find time to write what i feel and what i think. ok then catch you all at my next article see you… take care.

prabhu ramakrishnan

98413 24727